“The pedagogical goal of the Kenntnisreich early childhood education and care facilities is to educate our children, who are the decision-makers of the future, to become independent people. This is why we teach our children the importance of an environmentally friendly, resource-saving and future-oriented society as early as possible.” Deshalb bringen wir Ihnen so früh wie möglich die Bedeutung einer umweltfreundlichen, ressourcenschonenden und zukunftsorienteirten Gesellschaft bei.”

Claudia Lotz founded the Kenntnisreich day-care centres in 2013 alongside a dedicated team of educators and educational theorists. It is Claudia’s vision to apply future-oriented education to teach the children of today skills for the world of tomorrow. Early childhood education creates the basis for equal opportunities within education and significantly shapes the lifelong learning process of every child, as well as the development of harmonious togetherness. Our day-care centres are childcare solutions and moreover educational institutions with a socio-political mission. As a UNESCO-certified place of learning for education for sustainable development, the Kenntnisreich day-care centres make an important contribution to the Education 2030 Agenda.

There are Kenntnisreich day-care centres across Berlin who look after children of all nationalities. The diversity within our team of educators is also central to our approach. In ensuring this, we create an environment that encourages different cultures and perspectives. With professionalism and enthusiasm, devoted and trained educators implement our distinct educational and care concept. Kenntnisreich gGmbH Group also has a training centre for educators. There we progress educators development and education alongside our facilities. Diverse learning content and a focus on education for sustainable development and the teaching of future-oriented education and care concepts prepare the trainees for their future as educators with state recognition.

At the heart of our pedagogical work is the PAIGE (Platform for Advanced Interactive Global Education) education portal that we helped develop:
Based on the state of Berlin’s educational program, the digital platform offers exciting learning content on a wide variety of topics; including nutrition, posture and exercise, culture and religion, art, mathematics and technology, music and theatre, ecology and the environment, games, languages ​​and children’s health). A personalised curriculum is created to address the individual developmental status of the child. PAIGE enables a transparent exchange and support within everyday daycare life, strengthening the partnership between educators, parents and children.


The goal of our curriculum is to help raise independent young people, who will be the decision makers of the future.


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