Our staff are our most important resource at Kenntnisreich. Our long-term success and our ongoing development as an enterprise depends vitally on our staff being committed, empowered and satisfied with their work. Our company values of sustainability, trust, communication, integrity and loyalty, and transparency create the basis for this.

We aim to create a friendly and positive social environment which is sustainable, facilitates learning, and supports children as they take their first steps in life.

The following elements are at the core of our company culture:

  • Respect, openness and mutual esteem
  • Flat hierarchies
  • A culture of honest and open communication
  • Scope to take on responsibility, work independently and progress projects of one’s own
  • Diversity and equal opportunities
  • Varied internal and external ongoing training and education opportunities
  • Opportunities for growth and development and prospects of promotion
  • An occupational health programme
  • A balance between work and leisure/family
  • A fair and transparent system of remuneration
  •  Opportunities for international exchanges

Kenntnisreich employees work as educators, in commercial roles and as housekeeping or janitorial staff. Various entry routes and career opportunities exist:

  • Internships – as part of or as prerequisites for initial vocational training, or as part of a degree programme or a phase of professional orientation
  • Vocational training in parallel with work
  • Lateral entry
  • As a social pedagogy practitioner
  • As an expert with a particular specialization, for example in integration or speech therapy
  • As a manager
  • As a member of our multidisciplinary team of experts

Current vacancies

You can find our current vacancies here [in German]:

We would welcome speculative applications which are complete and compelling.

If you have questions about working for Kenntnisreich and Kenntnisreich Kindertagesstätten, feel free to contact personal@kenntnisreich.de